Here is a list of my sources:

  1. A Biography of Niels Pedersen Grunnet
    by Pastor W. J. Michael of the Danish Free Church

  2. History and Record of the Clan of Rudolph Bollinger from Switzerland
    Loose-leaf papers primarilly collected by the late Noah Bollinger of Tunker, near South Whitley, IN

  3. Our Brokaw - Bragaw Heritage
    Compiled by Mrs. Elsie E. Foster

  4. The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR)
    DAR Lineage Books (121 Volumes)
    Accessed via

  5. Dear Folks
    A History of the Joseph Thompson, James Sawyer, Hugh Thompson and Booth Families
    Compiled by Ruth Sawyer Thompson

  6. Ancestors and Descendants of Lolke Eelses Dijkstra and Johantje Jans Wijnia
    by Tiny Dijkstra
    May 1995

  7. The Stewart Clan Magazine (SCM)
    Bob Stewart and Mary Stewart Kyritsis

  8. The Barbour Collection
    Bob Stewart

  9. Richard N. Platt, Jr. materials (PLATT, SANFORD, BALDWIN GEDCOM files, including BOTSFORD, CAMP, SELL lines and other spousal data)
    Richard's sources were:

  10. Diana E. ROCHE, 3rd cousin (we're both 4 generations from John S. and Sarah Catherine (SMITH) GEARHART, she via Dervin's sister Maggie).

  11. James Louis COX, 4th cousin once removed (I'm 5, he's 6 generations from Daniel and Mary (MOONSHOWER) BOLLINGER, he via Daniel, Gideon, Samuel, John G...). He authored GED file COX4, provided to me via his niece Catharine (COX) GOBER.

  12. Vera GATES HUTCHINGS (visit her website), double 3rd cousin, once removed (on both DUNSMORE and HAVENS lines; I'm 5, she's 4 generations from Edmund M. and Belinda (MALLORY) DUNSMORE, she via Albert, Martha, Bessie; I'm 5, she's 4 generations from Thomas and Martha (HOUSEMAN) HAVENS, she via Lucy Jane, who m. Albert DUNSMORE). Vera has a copy of a light-blue covered, typewritten booklet produced (privately?) in 1959 by Alice (DUNSMORE) WARDEN with help from Ed and Mary CHAPIN (and the old bible they have), Ruth (PRICE) FRANCOIS, Vina BUTTERMORE, Cyrena BOWERS, Cassie (HOPKINS) COTTON and many others. It includes DUNSMORE, MALLORY, HAVENS, HOUSEMAN, WHITNEY and AVERY data. The book asks for additional information to be sent to Mrs. Raymond WARDEN, Fountain, MI, June, 1959.

  13. Diane EDLIN, 3rd cousin (Cynthia "Tinnie" DUNSMORE was her great grandmother)

  14. Doris (SAWYER) JIMISON, 1rst cousin, once removed, active genealogy researcher for many decades.