At this time, the earliest known ancestor of this branch is Doetse HOEKSTRA, likely born in the early 1800s in Friesland. More information would, of course, be appreciated greatly.

Alphabetical Listing


Doetse (18??-1???)

Janke (DILLEMA) (1906-1971)

Nuttert (1880-1953)

Siebe Doetses (18??-19??)
Siebe (Sam) (1906-1999)

Descent Chart

Note: [Dec 2012] Jane says Moeder is not a sis of Nuttert, but of his wife Altje. Also, Nuttert's bro Hielke lost his 1st wife early (DY), so a woman they called 'Moeder-moi' [kind of means 'Auntie'] raised his kids and lived w/him but, strangely, they never married?! Jane remembers her as a very kindly woman. Also, Janke DILLEMA had a 1st cousin (dau of her Mom's sis) who lived in the same town growing up, so kind of confusing. They were best friends and named after the same ancestor.