The surname DYKSTRA (originally DIJKSTRA) literally means "on or by the dyke" and was taken by the family in the early 1800s when Napoleon occupied the Netherlands and required that each family take on a surname.


Eelse Lolkes (1799-1830)

Gatse ? (1548-1600?)

Ietje (Nydam/Nijdam) (1897-1983)

Joucke Taeckles (1620-1691?)

Lolke Eelses (1824-1893)
Lolke Ybes (1705-1758?)
Lolke Ybes (1763-1829)
Lolke (1932-83) died early due to diabetes

Piet (1938-87) died of apparent heart failure while ice skating in race

Sjouke (1865-1938)
Sjouke 'Stan' (1926-2008)

Taeckle Gatses (1588-1640?)
Tunis 'Ted' (1935-2005)

Uilke (1899-1977)

Ybe Jouckes (1670-1718)
Ybe Lolkes (1736-1816)

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