Benjamin TURNEY

Born: 1605 at Southcott, Linslade, BKM (Berkshire?), England
Died: 06 Jun 1648 at Fairfield, Fairfield, CT (killed by Indians)

Father: Thomas TURNEY (1560-1624)
Mother: Judith HARRIS (1564-16??)

Spouse: Mary ODELL (or BATEMAN?) (1605-1658)


  • Mary (1631-1673) m. Lt. Nathaniel SEELEY
  • Capt. Robert (1633-1690) m. Elizabeth HOLLY
  • Judith (1635-1672) m. John WHEELER
  • Anna (1636-1682) m. Thomas SHERWOOD
  • Rebecca (1639-1694) m. Stephen SHERWOOD
  • Sarah (1641-1670) m. Matthew SHERWOOD
  • Ruth (1644-1666) m. Richard BOUTON
  • Benjamin (1645-1694) m. Rebecca KEELER

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  • Benjamin and Mary were married 12 Jul 1630 at Salford, BDF, England. She was b. 10 Nov 1605 at Salford and d. 1658 at Fairfield, Fairfield, CT. Her parents were John and Joan (BINGLEY) ODELL of Salford. The CASTLE family gedcom file shows Benjamin's wife as Mary BATEMAN, daughter of William BATEMAN and show the marriage as having taking place before 1630 in England. It shows Benjamin's birthyear as 1600. The TURNEY file at Rod's site shows BATEMAN as her mother's maiden name. Both Benjamin and his wife immigrated from England to America.


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  • Rod Davis' TURNEY page.