I have two lines of BALDWIN ancestors. The earlier one produced Matilda, wife of William 'The Conqueror' and goes back to Liderie b. 750. For this earlier line, the spelling can be either BALDWIN or BAUDOUIN. The earliest known BALDWIN ancestor of the later line was Robert BALDWIN, born 1476. A Baldwin of Flanders was one of the leaders of the 4th crusade (1202-1204), but I'm unsure if he is connected to either of my lines or if there's any connection between these two BALDWIN lines. The duchy of Flanders was the Dutch-speaking [mainly Protestant, Calvinist] N region of today's Belgium (once part of a greater Netherlands), in contrast to Belgium's French-speaking S region of Wallonia, i.e. land of [mainly Catholic] Walloons (hmmm, interesting recent stories about Belgium being liquidated, having outlived its usefulness, the regions presumably being reabsorbed into Netherlands, France?).


... path to JCS and Rosena via Christiana MOWBRAY m. Wm PLUMPTON
32 1031-83 Matilda - KoE WmConq
33 1012-67 Baldwin V 'de Lille' 7 C F (& regent of France) - Alix dau of KoF Robt II
34 967-1036 Baudouin IV 'Barbatus' [handsome beard] 6 C F - Ogive De Luxembourg
35 941-987 Arnulf II 5 C F - Rosele of Italy
36 933-962 Baudouin III 4 C F - Mathilde of ?
37 889-965 Arnulf I 3 C F - VERMANDOIS, Adela De
38 863-918 Baudouin II 'the Bald' 2 C F - Elfrida, Princess of England
39 837-879 Baldwin I 'Iron Hand' - Judith, Princess of Franks
40 810-864 Odoscer 1st C of Flanders 862 - ?
41 780-8xx Engleran - ?
42 750-xxx Liderie - ?

33 1024-47 Eustace I ... p/u here
34 990-1033 Baldwin II 4 C B - Adeline of Holland
35 971-990 Arnulf III 3 C B - ?
36 965-971 Arnulf II 2 C B - ?
37 918-933 Adalulf 1st C of Boulogne - ?
42-38 same as above

Arnold (Arnulf) I, Count of Flanders (889-964)
Arnold (Arnulf) II, Count of Flanders (941-987)

Baldwin I, Count of Flanders (837-879, eloped w/Judith, wife of Charles the Bald of France)
Baldwin I (1070s?-1118, a 1rst crusade ldr, 1rst King of Jerusalem, bro of Godfrey of Bouillon, ancestor?)
Baldwin (I) of Flanders, (1rst) Latin Byzantine emperor (r1204-5), top ldr of 4th crusade
Baudouin II 'The Bald' Flanders (863-918)
Baldwin II b c950, ggfather of 1rst Crusade bros Godfrey of Bouillon, Baldwin I, Eustace
Baldwin II du Bourg, Prince of Edessa, cousin of Baldwin I (d1118), 2nd King of Jerusalem r1118-31
Baldwin II, (?th) Latin Byzantine emperor (r1228-61)
Baudouin III Count Flanders (933-962)
Baldwin III, ?th King of Jerusalem r1143-62 (lost Edessa)
Baudouin IV 'Barbatus' of Flanders (967-1036)
Baldwin IV, ?th King of Jerusalem r1174-83
Baldwin V, Count of Flanders (1012-1067)
Baldwin V? the Leper, ?th and last King of Jerusalem r1185-6
Baldwin VII (ggson of Baldwin V)

Engleran (780-8??)

Hannah (BOTSFORD) (1645-1???)
Hannah (1674-1726)

Liderie (750-???)

Matilda (1031-1083)

Nathaniel (161?-1658)
Nathaniel (1645-1???)

Odoscer (810-864)

Richard (1509-1553)
Richard (1530-1???)
Richard (1555-1633)
Robert (1476-15??)

Descent Charts

Earlier line (from smokykin?):

Baldwin II the Bald d918

"Kings of Jerusalem" (aEWH chart 24)

"Latin Emperors of Constantinople 1204-1373" (aEWH chart 26)

Hmmm. An Encyclopedia of World History, Ed. Wm. L. Langer, Houghton Mifflin, 1940/48/52/68/72 (at FHL) shows Baldwins I-V, Kings of Jerusalem (crusades). Their reigns there were 1100-18 (I), 1118-31 (II), 1143-62 (III), 1174-83 (IV) and 1185-6 (V). This Baldwin I (1070s?-1118) was the brother of Godfrey of Bouillon and Eustace ("descendants of Charlemagne" and sons of Eustace II, Count of Boulogne, who had fought w/Wm the Conqueror in 1066, see chart above) and served as King of Jerusalem after the death of Godfrey, the top leader of the 1rst crusade (began 1096) and first Christian leader of Jerusalem (refused to call himself "king," prefered "Baron of Jerusalem and Defender of the Sepulcher" Lamb p. 237). This Baldwin established Edessa (later lost in 1144). Lamb says [at the time of this Baldwin's death in 1117/8] "Godfrey, Raymond of Toulouse, and Baldwin lay in their tombs in Golgotha. With Baldwin, the men of Jerusalem buried the last leader of the great crusade. While he lived, the indomitable spirit of the crusade lived also. After his death, it passed, and it did not return again" p. 303). Before his death, Baldwin sent for his bro Eustace to succeed him, and specified that his cousin Baldwin of Edessa should act as regent in the interval (Lamb, 302). There were nearly 60 yrs between the death of Baldwin in 1117/8 and the coming of Saladin. What of the Jerusalem kings? "They did not measure up to Godfrey, or to the great Baldwin. Eustace, the 3rd bro, did not succeed to the throne. He was on his way ... when he heard the barons and prelates had chosen the younger Baldwin du Bourg, prince of Edessa [instead] ... Eustace turned back ... Baldwin III saw Edessa lost. The spirit of the great crusade was leaving Outremer [the Holy Land] ... The last king of Jerusalem had been Baldwin (V?) the Leper" (Lamb, 311-4).

Also, there were 2 Latin Byzantine emporers; Baldwin (I) of Flanders (r1204-5) and Baldwin II (r1228-61). This Baldwin I was the top leader of the 4th crusade, which set out for the Holy Land, but never made it that far. Stopping at Venice to seek transport across the Mediterranean, but lacking sufficient funds, the Venetians convinced these crusaders to first attack Byzantium at Constantinople as part of their payment, which they did, overthrowing the Byzantine rulers and causing Byzantium to break into many sub-kingdoms (to "balkanize," forming what we now call "The Balkans:" Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzigovina ...), one over which Baldwin I (Count of Flanders) was chosen (by his fellow crusaders) to rule (the first Latin ruler of a Byzantine domain) (sources: WorldBook, Lamb, aEWH, online wikipedia). Connections?

AEWH also shows 3 entries for "Baldwin Iron-Hand of Flanders" as follows: 1) Charles the Bald in 862 granted 3 duchies or fiefs to provide buffer areas for his Frankish kingdom; the county of Flanders to his son-in-law Baldwin Iron Arm (WB/WWMA says Baldwin stole Charles' wife Judith, eloping, Charles got Baldwin excommunicated, Baldwin appealed to Pope and won, so Charles had to reluctantly grant Baldwin the title [1rst] Count of Flanders), Neustria (later split into Anjou, Champagne, Aquitaine, Gascony) to Robert the Strong and Burgundy to Richard, Count of Autun; 2) a Baldwin of Flanders led a revolt in 1006-7 against ? (apparently then-Frankish King Robert II), which was put down in 1007 3) Godfrey the Bearded (father of Ida, gfather of Godfrey of Bouillon) in 1047 joined a revolt led by Baldwin of Flanders against Henry (then Frankish king).

Later line:

(extra info from Mar 2017)
- 18 Richard BALDEWYNE c1350s-1410s
- 17 John BALDEWYNE c1380s-c1440s
- 16 John BALDEWYNE c1410-c70 ~60yo
- 15 Robt BALDWIN b. c. 8-11-1475 Chesham, Buckinghamshire, yeoman, d. 4-16-1536 60yo Aston Clinton, Buck. m. Agnes ?

Much BALDWIN information (later line) was received in the form of a GEDCOM file from Richard N. PLATT, Jr. ( whom I met on the NYSUFFOL rootsweb group (PLATT, BALDWIN and SANFORD GEDCOMs). The source for the earlier line is Other sources are Worldbook (WB), Who's Who in the Middle Ages (WWMA), online and Harold Lamb's 1930/1 book The Crusades, (HBHG) and An Encyclopedia of World History (aEoWH, genealogy charts 24 and 26 [of 104?] "Kings of Jerusalem" and "Latin Emperors of Constantinople 1204-1373").